Rewrite My Slimming Target

7 Ugly Truths of Becoming Skinny After Being Fat This is such a great sharing! Didn’t occur to me that I can’t cut too much fats, not that I can easily cut fats. They are really like my longest and most loyal companion […]

Happy Dragon Boat Festival

It is on the 5th Day of the 5th Lunar Month in Chinese calendar.Well, mainly, I want to share this poem, the reflection on the journey of life through the dumpling we ate during the festival. 人生如粽,不怕你有棱有角,就怕你肚里空空。 人生如粽,经得起热水沸腾,耐得住冷藏冰冻。 人生如粽,向糯米学会融合,向粽叶学会包容。 人生如粽,不捆绑就是一勺稀饭,不蒸煮哪有美味香浓。 祝端午安康顺心如意! Life is like […]

Sharing: The Human Route

The Human Route by the late Zen Master Seung Sahn Coming empty-handed, going empty-handed—that is human.When you are born, where do you come from?When you die, where do you go? Life is like a floating cloud which appears. Death is like a floating cloud […]

Issues Faced By Intuitive People

Are you an intuitive person but you are not aware? If you find yourself constantly drained in energy or feeling unwell as time goes by after every recharge or rest, without knowing why:– The medical doctors could not find any problems with your […]