About Aunty GoYio

Aunty GoYio is a web persona adopted by the author.

“GoYio” in Hokkien (a dialect of Chinese language) means medicated plaster —— 膏药.
GoYio is used often on areas of the body with physical / muscular pain.

The author likes to put hair velcro pads (rectangular hair stickers) in replacement of hair bands to tame her hair fringes. These hair patches float atop of the hair which allow more breeze to the head. It’s a very practical solution when the weather is warm and humid.

Little did she know, that her brown coloured hair patch looks like medicated plaster to others. “Why is there a GoYio on your head? Are you suffering from head injury?” 😅

Aunty GoYio wishes for GoYio solutions not just for the body, but also for the mind and soul. This is why “Good Space and Bounds —— 正界” is created to be an archival of “GoYio”s. Feel free to share and adopt whatever that is helpful / useful.

#auntygoyio @auntygoyio