Rewrite My Slimming Target

7 Ugly Truths of Becoming Skinny After Being Fat This is such a great sharing! Didn’t occur to me that I can’t cut too much fats, not that I can easily cut fats. They are really like my longest and most loyal companion […]

Happy Dragon Boat Festival

It is on the 5th Day of the 5th Lunar Month in Chinese calendar.Well, mainly, I want to share this poem, the reflection on the journey of life through the dumpling we ate during the festival. 人生如粽,不怕你有棱有角,就怕你肚里空空。 人生如粽,经得起热水沸腾,耐得住冷藏冰冻。 人生如粽,向糯米学会融合,向粽叶学会包容。 人生如粽,不捆绑就是一勺稀饭,不蒸煮哪有美味香浓。 祝端午安康顺心如意! Life is like […]