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On looking for a job

Prioritize Yourself – How to Put Yourself First

How Not To Take Things Personally

  1. It is NOT about me: listen to people’s intention.
    When this does not work:
  2. It IS about me: engage in self improvement.

Recovering from Victim Mentality

  1. Are You Ready to Stop Feeling Like a Victim?
  2. How to Identify and Deal with a Victim Mentality
  3. 10 Ways to Stop Feeling Like a Victim Once and for All

Healing from the Harm of Narcissistic People

  1. The Impact of Growing Up With A Narcissistic Parent
  2. How Being Raised By A Narcissist Damages Your Life And Self-Esteem
  3. 15 Signs You Were Raised By A Narcissist & How It Can Affect You
  4. 5 Damaging Lies We Learn From Narcissistic Parents
  5. Tiger vs. Helicopter vs. Narcissistic Parenting: Overlapping traits but with clear differences
  6. 7 Signs You’re Dealing With A Covert Narcissist
  7. Do Narcissists Know They Are Narcissists?
  8. Do Narcissists Mean to Hurt Their Partners?
  9. How to Survive Being an Empath Raised by a Narcissist
  10. The Bad Child’s Guide To Surviving A Narcissistic Parent
  11. Daughters and Sons Of Narcissistic Mothers

… and many more

Some Personal Note…

How to Live with Narcissistic People

After establishing your self worth and have become better at returning to the center after every narcissistic-quake/attack, here are more tips.

  1. The Survival Guide for Living With a Narcissist
  2. 4 Ways to Live with a Narcissist
  3. How to Live with a Narcissist
  4. How to Handle a Narcissist
  5. Dealing with a Covert Narcissist
  6. Covert narcissist: 5 things they do and how to handle them
  7. Living With A Covert Narcissist Husband – 7 Simple (But Important) Things To Understand
  8. How to Deal with Covert Narcissist (Or ‘Victim’) Parents or In-Laws
  9. The Narcissistic Life

… and many more

Personal Note

Personal note: While many of the focus seems one-directional in “attacking” the narcissism, which may be uncomfortable for some people, it is important to get proper healing for those who have suffered the harm (this can be very long and tough journey). Whether or not narcissism can be fixed, that’s another matter to explore. In Buddhism, every living being has true pure nature, but clouded by / deeply embedded with attachments and delusions. Depending on the complexity and degree of such attachments and delusions, from which different “personalities” and “characters” have manifested or evolved, some of us may take a very long time, like many rebirths, to remove these layers bit by bit before uncovering the true pure nature that’s the same nature as God, Allah, Buddha, True Self, True Wisdom, Pure Love, The Truth, The One, The Light, etc., whatever you want to call it. Some people are fast because they can just “put down / let go” the whole chunks immediately (–> check out Zen Buddhism… obviously… I am not that, for sure, hehehe, still learning and practising). Hope that with this open mind in context, narcissists or victims or empaths or majority normal or whatever and whoever, can learn and improve. My healing journey is pretty dependent and leaning on the positive energies and guidance from religions. Till now, this is what I have experienced and informed with:

The universe is full of lights and your original nature is a part of this light. When you operate with more alignment with the light, you will slowly see positive changes, at least with yourself. 🙏

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Personality Disorder

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