Some Personal Take on NPD

I have been reading and gathering resources about narcissistic personality disorder and built reference links here for those who need help.

At the same time, I would like to give some personal two cents about the topic.

Right now, it can feel skewed to some people, that many of the focus seemed one-directional in “attacking” the narcissism. Nevertheless, it is important to get proper healing for those who have suffered the harm. Depending on the support and help available, the journey and the process of healing and rebuilding oneself can take a very long time. It is a constant recurring “struggle” against the voices and conditioning the persons have been put through all their life.

Whether or not narcissism can be fixed, that’s another matter to explore. I would like to share some teachings from Buddhism and Daoism that hopefully put “narcissism” in context from an overall human journey perspective.

In Buddhism, every living being has inherent pure true nature that is beyond life and death. For most of us, this pure true nature is heavily clouded by / deeply embedded with attachments and delusions. Depending on the complexity and degree of various forms of attachments and delusions we grasp and form our “reality”, and our reactions and management of them, different “personalities” and “characters” are formed, manifested, and evolved. As such, some of us may take a very long time, like many rebirths, to remove these layers bit by bit before uncovering the pure true nature that’s originally not subjected to any forms, feelings, perceptions, actions, consciousness, life, and death (<– check out the Heart Sutra). Some gurus have said that this original nature is one with all living things, all matters, and the universe. It is the same nature as God, Allah, Buddha, True Self, True Wisdom, Pure Love, The Truth, The One, The Light, etc., whatever one may like to call it. Some people are fast to attain “enlightenment” because they have practised a long time to “put down / let go” the whole chunks immediately.

Perhaps, so-called “personality disorders”, are merely a result of some corresponding habitual reactions (self protective in nature at the expense of others) towards some high level of certain attachments or delusions? 🤔

Anyway, with this open mind in context, narcissists or victims or empaths or majority normal or whatever and whoever, can learn and improve, uncover the pure true nature == “enlightenment”, and save all beings from sufferings. 🤔😎🤗🙏

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