Protecting Yourself from Negatives

It’s been a long time since I share something on self care.

Here’s a great article that’s been in one of my duckduckgo browser’s tab, screaming at me from time to time since the start of the covid-19 pandemic, how did I miss not sharing this?

I especially like the mention to weigh the pros and cons of whether:

"To speak up, or not to speak up?"

However, as advised too in the article, more often than not, forgiveness truly is the most difficult at times, but the most effective. I would like to share a quote here from a friend in India, which has accompanied me the last decade:

“Forgive them, for they are not strong enough.”

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  1. I would respectfully disagree with the article’s premise. We should not be prioritizing ourselves. Self-focus leads to narcissism and we see its results all around us. Each person does what is right in his/her own eyes. That does not make for a healthy society. Years ago when I was a small boy in a church long gone now, I learned a chorus that said: “Jesus and Others and You… what a wonderful way to spell JOY. J is for Jesus for He takes first place. O is for others you meet face to face. Y is for you and whatever you do … put yourself third and spell JOY.” Well… in my world God is first, and then my wife. Granted, there were some healthy points in the article but it’s more important to take them with a grain of salt. And in truth… do you honestly know many people who are “too hard on themselves” in today’s world? Yeah… me neither.

  2. The article is more for people who do not know how to take care of themselves, have always functioned mostly as givers, always make ways for others despite their own discomfort, never know how to say no or negotiate a ground to have their feelings / thoughts respected. Sometimes it’s personality, and sometimes it’s really because of the people around them that “punish” or adamantly refuse other ways for these caring souls. The build-up denials and stress can break these people if they cannot find a healthy way to heal and ground themselves. If you read the content of the article, you will realize it’s more for those people.

    Of course, if this article is taken literally by people who already are very self-centred and self-obsessed, then, this can go the bad way, more self-entitlement and so on, totally agree.

    I would be very glad to know that people who are “too hard on themselves” aren’t many in this world! 😯🤔

    Thanks for reading and commenting! I have been receiving auto-generated comments that’s ad-based, so glad I receive something from a human finally. Hehehehe….

    Have a wonderful day and a wonderful year! 😊☕


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