Happy Dragon Boat Festival

It is on the 5th Day of the 5th Lunar Month in Chinese calendar.
Well, mainly, I want to share this poem, the reflection on the journey of life through the dumpling we ate during the festival.






Life is like the glutinous rice dumplings – fearsome as your edges and corners may be, it is much more so to be with an empty (hungry) belly.

Life is like the glutinous rice dumplings – able to withstand the heat and boil, and bear through bitter cold and freezing storage.

Life is like the glutinous rice dumplings – we learn harmony / integration from the stickiness, and tolerance from the tight wrap (hug) of the leaves.

Life is like the glutinous rice dumplings – without the strong tightening of all together, it will just be a large scoop of porridge (watery scattering rice grains); without the long process of steaming and boiling, how can fragrance and deliciousness get brewed.

Here’s wishing all a peaceful relaxed and happy Dragon Boat Festival! (not exact translation, but still well wishes!)

😅😝 Pardon my attempt of translation (from further edit on google translate)
Please go ahead and share with me to improve the translation.

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