Issues Faced By Intuitive People

Are you an intuitive person but you are not aware?

If you find yourself constantly drained in energy or feeling unwell as time goes by after every recharge or rest, without knowing why:
– The medical doctors could not find any problems with your body system…
– You are pretty sure that you did not often think or feel negatively about anything or anyone…

You may be an empath who has some form of system (physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual) that’s acting like a sponge. That system of yours is constantly accumulating / absorbing energies of others or the environment without your knowledge / permission, as though it does not have a protective boundary. Please read up about “empath” and learn how to heal / ground yourself. Learn to establish a good space and bound, and give yourself this gap of time, to process and distinguish what permeates you, from what is your own generation, before deciding how you want to act or react to them. Don’t forget that not wanting to act or react is also an option. 😉

Note: Empath is a subset of Highly Sensitive Person. You can read up on the difference between empath and highly sensitive person (HSP).


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